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Name: Hyroel (MiniGriff)

Category: Pets, Monsters , Useful

Type: Avians , Mammalians

Size: Medium

Region: Coastal, Forest, Grassland, Jungle, Marshland, Mountains, Volcanoes

Rarity: Uncommon

Lifespan: 3 `- 5 years


Resembling partridges more than Hippogriffs, MiniGriffs are quite round, and this indicates their health. A fully-fed, happy MiniGriff becomes quite poofy, making walking slightly difficult, but not impossible. Their bodies are coated with a thick, generally brown fur. They have yellow, hooked beaks and dull-colored eyes. In front of their bodies, they possess two talons for arms, and two talons for legs are kept hidden beneath their bodies. Their wings are short and stubby, and they posses a mane of longer feathers.

At their rear end, they have a longer plume of tail feathers, and a short, stubby lion's tail trails behind them.

A fully grown MiniGriff may weigh from 4 to 7 pounds, and reach a size of 1 to 2 feet, from beak to tip of tail feathers.


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MiniGriffs are extremely observant creatures, keen to watch all that is happening, no matter how redundant it may be. They nap while there is little activity happening. They are generally quiet but will let out short s quacks when they desire anything, whether it be food and water, or an itch scratched. They enjoy going to new places and can be tamed easily to stay on their owner's shoulder like a hawk.

They are not very affectionate creatures and do not enjoy petting but will tolerate physical contact for the sake of food or other benefits, such as long scratches.

Diet: They are known to eat smaller things, dead or alive. For this reason, it is impossible to keep any other pets that are smaller than it - the MiniGriff will attempt to eat them. Omnivorous, they can eat seeds and bark if they must, but prefer raw meat and fish to anything else.

Habitat: MiniGriffs have a wide habitat and are easily adapted to new regions. They can tolerate moderately hot temperatures and moderately cold temperatures, but don't do well with extremes.

Breeding: Because of their thick fur, MiniGriffs are impossible to determine gender except when mated. (The male is always on top). Polygamous, when the time is right, they will mate, and shortly after, the female lays a single egg, and proceeds to keep it warm on her own. The eggs are highly adaptable. No other living things are tolerated near their egg, and they will protect it with a vengeance.

Since MiniGriffs are so easy to breed, not much research has been done on their reproduction habits.

Special Information


  • Easily adaptable, easily bred, easily cared for
  • Travel well on their owner's shoulder
  • Good climbers


  • Can be grumpy and sometimes cantankerous
  • Must be kept as a single pet, or only with others larger than it (it will attempt eat anything smaller than itself)
  • Cannot swim, dislikes water
  • Can only fly short distances


  • Can recognize their owner from others, and due to their watchfulness, can be extremely effective guard-dogs when it comes to alerting a forced entry, via shrill squawks.
  • Can alert an owner if they have done something unusual. For example, if the owner is drawing pictures of flowers, and then a pig is drawn, the MiniGriff will give an inquiring coo. This can be useful for Quality Assurance when many objects are being crafted, one after another.

Origin: Created by Xanth

Other Info:

  • Coming near a MiniGriff egg is a life-or-death situation and the female will defend the egg fiercely, even against her owner
  • Are hostile towards Hippogriffs, and any qualms usually end in immediate death (as Hippogriffs are larger and stronger)

Creator: series?

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