Category: Monster

Type: Amphibians

Size: Huge







Rarity: Uncommon

Lifespan: 22 `- 34 years


Mirelurks appear to be large crabs that have breed with a humanoid figure but only took on the height and humanoid standing figure from their partner. Mostly found in dark greys to muddy sand and gross greens these creatures retain their color by what creatures they eat, the color of the water around them, and the algae intake. Mirelurks hold an evil look with bright red eyes, cracked parts of their outer skeleton, missing arms, two large claws, and spikes all over their body.

On rare occasions finding a blue or white Mirelurk is possible. These are the females. Not commonly seen as they stick to the darkest and deepest parts of their homes.


Mirelurks are very passive creatures and will often be seen laying out on the beach or fighting each other for land or females. But it's not impossible to see them fighting other creatures if young or themselves are threatened. While they appear gruesome and unintelligent they actually do understand common and speak a language of their own using the snaps of their claws.


Mirelurks typically eat rotten foods like fish and vegetables. The only time they eat non rotten foods is when they are just born. Then they will feed on algae till the age of 9.


Mirelurks will live in caves by the dozen. And will have one main in charge. The conditions of the cave are that of a place of death. Usually very rank with death and water people tend to stay away from Mirelurk caves. The caves have a main room for feeding and meeting but males are required to carve out separate caves for themselves and their mates.

Usually there will be two ways in and out. One leads to water and the other to land.


Mirelurks breed once every five years with the same partner until one dies off. In order for a male to 'woo' a female he has to make a cave for her that fits her needs, and he has to stock up on rotten meals.

Before the male picks a female the female has a couple preparations of her own. She had to make sure her shell is clean and shines and she also has to collect tons of algae that goes into storage around her neck. Once this is done the males will choose the female they choose to woo and build her a place and gather food for her. Typical number of offspring found coming from one female is 9 while only 3 will live.

Males will take care of the offspring till nine while the Mother just runs around collecting algae. After the age of nine the offspring will leave home and find a new cave. Mirelurks are not above incest.

Special Information

  • Will eat off spring if they die
  • Once dead bodies are left in past caves
  • Speak own language
  • Understand Common


  • Diseased Saliva


  • Fire (over size of bonfire)



Mirelurks have been said to come from many different places do to old wives tales. No real origin other than in tales of them arising from the sands and waters.

Other Info:

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