Name: Molvue (dust mouse)

Category: Monsters, Useful

Type: Mammalians

Size: Tiny

Region: Urban, Underground

Rarity: Very common

Lifespan: Average of 3-4 months

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A molvue very, very much resembles a dust bunny, albeit one with little red eyes. From up close, its body is more mouse-like with tiny ears and a small stump of a naked tail buried beneath layers of gray fur. Their bodies are usually covered in dust since they live among dust. Molvues living in cities tend to be even smaller in general.

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Molvues live in large packs and only act as a group (aka mob behavior). They are driven by desire and do not possess significant intelligence. There is, however, a huge difference between molvues which live in crowded towns and cities and those that live in largely uninhabited areas. Those in busy urban zones tend to stay low in the background and are very timid of humans and other creatures. They almost never attack even when provoked, preferring to run away and hide. The behaviour of molvues become progressively more aggressive where there are less inhabitants around. Those in abandoned places feel easily threatened and will attack any and all trespassers. One molvue by itself is fortunately of no threat, although such a case is so rare that if a person comes across one, it likely means that more are hiding around.

Diet: Dust and cheese

Habitat: Molvues live mostly in old, preferrably abandoned houses. This is because such houses usually contain a significant amount of dust and debris, which molvues eat to survive. They can also burrow underground, usually under buildings.

Breeding: Molvues reproduce exponentially at any time of the year, but their preferred mating grounds are inside old buildings.

Special Information



  • They are highly sensitive to fire and cannot swim in water.


  • Although they are annoying and their population difficult to control, molvues may be administered to clean up dirty areas of debris.

Origin: Molvues are an Elysia-exclusive species of mice.

Other Info:

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Creator: Skyla?

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