Name: Monoceros

Category: Monsters, Useful

Type: Mammalians

Size: Large

Region: Forest, specifically Chandric?

Rarity: Exotic

Lifespan: 25-30 years


The monoceros is an extremely rare and powerful black unicorn that lives within the shadows of dense forests such as the Chandric?. They are, essentially, the exact opposite of the more common unicorns: black and menacing instead of white and pure, and killers instead of healers.


Unlike its majestic cousin, the monoceros is prone to violent outbursts and thrives in isolation. It is often seen as a killer, its black horn often stained with blood.

Diet: Grasses and anything it can graze on.

Habitat: Sheltered and isolated regions, particularly forests like the Chandric?.

Breeding: Monoceros breed with other unicorns, rarely finding those of their own kind. The gene is seldom passed down to offspring and can take many generations to reappear. Because of its violent tendencies, the foal may be cast aside at a young age, too much of a burden for the mother to care for.

Special Information


  • It has no healing abilities but can produce a flash of blinding white light from its horn.


  • The monoceros' ferocity can be its own undoing, as it tends to rush into aggressive mode without thinking of the consequences, and thus easily falls into traps.

Origin: Bred from the more common white unicorn, the monoceros has a rare birth defect that changes both its appearance and its temperament.

Other Info: Because of its rarity, hunting monoceros is illegal (not that this stops poachers) and there are several preservation societies currently attempting to both study and save the creature.

Creator: Dora?

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