Name: Naga

Category: Monsters, Useful

Type: Humanoids, Reptilians

Size: Large

Region: Desert, specifically the Scorpion Desert?

Rarity: Uncommon

Lifespan: Unknown


Naga are giant snakes with a quasi-humanoid torso and the sinewy tail and head of a cobra. Large, spined flaps of hide along the top half of the spine make them appear larger and more dangerous to other predators.

From hatching, the naga continues to grow until death. Theoretically, this means they can reach 'giant' status, and there are legends of enormous naga some fifty feet in length, although there are no official records of such encounters and these stories are considered fiction. However, there are records of encounters with naga up to twenty feet in length, though the usual adult size seems to be around twelve.


Two arms give the naga the ability to manipulate its environment to a greater extent than most reptiles, enabling them to punch, grasp and otherwise hurt their prey as well as use tools to build.

The long, flexible tail provides a counter-weight, enabling them to 'stand', and in this position they can reach up to seven feet in height.

Knowing this, the spiny flaps of hide that act as a defence mechanism seem completely unnecessary, as naga are quite capable of fighting off rivals and attackers alike with their hands alone, though they're well-known to carry swords and other weapons. They move and act like snakes, however, with venomous fangs and an elongated body.

Because of these features, naga have often been referred to as 'snakemen' because they display human-like intelligence, with a tendency to plan their attacks and even work together to combat a stronger foe. There are also theories that there are several naga villages in the Scorpion Desert?, though no one has ever come across them (and returned with proof).

Diet: Unknown. Their eating habits are the subject of much theorising, to the extent that some Elysian? legends have them stealing and eating babies, pets, and even adult Elysians?.

Habitat: Naga are exotic reptilian creatures usually found in the desert, particularly the Scorpion Desert?, though some have also been found in caves and even in sewer systems across Elysia?.

Breeding: Unknown, but they're thought to lay eggs like snakes and other reptiles.

Special Information


  • They have hands and opposable thumbs as well as the intelligence to use them so they're capable of making tools and weapons.
  • They can strategise and work in co-ordinated groups which makes them more formidable an enemy than they might be otherwise.
  • Their fangs contain powerful venom that can paralyse within minutes and kill smaller creatures.


  • They are not known to be especially weak to anything. However, it is thought that they are cold-blooded like other reptiles and that, as a result, they would perish in colder climates.


  • Properly dried naga skin is used in the making of special papers, scrolls and books found in draconic rituals, usually gilt with gold. Some official Elysian? documents also use naga paper, especially in the wealthier cities.
  • The majority of Elysia?'s history books were once also made of naga papers. Though cheaper methods have since been developed, official scribes still use the expensive naga papers in their most important works.
  • Naga venom is used by weaponsmiths and in potions.

Creator: Emma?

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