Name: Nindmos

Category: Monsters

Type: Mammalians, Reptilians

Size: Huge

Region: Aquatic, Coastal, Desert, Forest, Freshwater, Grassland, Jungle, Marshland, Mountains, Underground

Rarity: Exotic

Lifespan: 1000 `- 3000 years


There is not much that is consistent from beast to beast except that they are all gigantic and usually not recognized as animals. Vegetation, trees, shrubs and flowers grow over and in the crevices of the beasts, as they sleep for hundreds of years at a time.

A small beast may be only fifteen feet long with larger ones spanning fifty to one hundred feet. Scales have been observed but are easily mistaken for rocks. A nindmos' hide is always extremely thick, with that thickness being directly proportional to size, impervious to sharp objects, and usually unaffected by small explosives.


It's difficult to observe the behavior of a statue because it doesn't move, and these beasts are much the same. A breath, blink, or sigh may take days to complete with hundreds of years between the next. What is known is that the beasts slumber for years on end peacefully when left undisturbed. They ignore provocation, but if their life is in danger, they will uproot themselves and go elsewhere. A single step from a Nindmos usually takes an entire day to complete, however, once, a Nindmos was observed at moving two steps a day.

It has been observed that when a Nindmos is awake, they generally study the area around them with their eyes, and eventually shift positions, and return to sleep. Because they are so large and often encrusted into their environment, such movement usually creates a small earthquake like feeling, and may even uproot any trees that have grown into them.

Because they prefer the calm places away from civilization, they are usually out of harm's way, however, they can pose a problem for miners encountering one within their tunnels. Usually, a tunnel is simply dug around it. However, if enough racket is made, the beast may awaken and go someplace else, surely collapsing any caves and tunnels in its wake due to its size.

It is thought that Nindmos dislike extreme heat or cold because of their absence from areas like icy lands or volcanic areas.

Diet: It is rumored that these beasts don't eat but gather nutrients from sunlight.

Habitat: Anywhere away from human civilization

Breeding: It is thought that Nindmos are asexual, producing an egg now and then. Since smaller Nindmos are rarer than larger ones, it is thought that perhaps small Nindmos go into hiding deep in the earth until they are large enough to deter most would-be predators and survive on their own.

Special Information


  • Size


  • Nindmos are not thought to be very intelligent
  • They move extremely slowly

Origin: It is thought that perhaps Xanth created this gentle giant, but similarities exist between koalas (lethargy, slow metabolism), and Komodo dragons.

Other Info:

  • Extremely passive
  • Greatly dislike noise, prefer quiet, undisturbed lands
  • Nindmos sleep all the time and rarely move in the slightest

Creator: series?

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