Name: Orchid Squid

Type: Aquatic

Size: Small

Region: Aquatic

Rarity: Quite rare


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As with most cephalopods, the orchid squid has huge eyes that enable it to see well in the dark waters at the bottom of the ocean, and the brightly-coloured shell protects it from most predators.


Unlike most cephalopods, it lives much like a hermit crab with a similar shell in bright oranges, reds, pinks and purples, but uses its tentacles to snag prey (usually tiny crabs and plankton) and drag it inwards to its beak.

They are sometimes dragged up by fishing nets, however, and accidentally captured by lobster and shellfish trappers, so they sometimes appear at the local fishmongers as an expensive treat and, in these cases, the shells are usually sold as souvenirs or decorations.

Diet: Usually tiny crabs and plankton that it ensnares with its tentacles.

Habitat: The orchid squid lives in the Ao Sea? along the warmer coast near the Scorpion Desert? and along the equator.


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Special Information


  • It has a hard shell that protects it from most predators.


  • Orchid squid are a rare and expensive treat at the dinner table.
  • Orchid squid shells are sometimes sold as souvenirs or decorations for the home.


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Creator: Emma?

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