Name: Pegasus

Category: Mounts

Type: Avians, Mammalians

Size: Large

Region: Forest

Rarity: Rare

Lifespan: 9-11 years


Pegasi, commonly referred to (especially in a transportation capacity) as skystriders, are winged horses with feathered hair around the ankles and a figure that is slightly more slender than normal horses. They range in colour from white to black, and can have any of the markings you might find on a horse. Their owners often dress them up with ribbons and beads.


Pegasi are difficult to tame and even more difficult to catch but are highly desirable as a means of transportation.

Diet: Various grasses.

Habitat: Wild pegasi prefer to live in forest clearings and meadows and were most often found in the Fae Forest?. However, they are quite rare these days and are now usually found in protected meadows and breeders' stables across Daire? where they are more or less safe from poachers and hunters.

Breeding: They breed like horses, but sadly their birth rate can't keep up with the poaching so they are slowly dying out in the wild.

Special Information


  • They can carry a fully-grown humanoid while flying, which makes them good mounts.


  • Pegasi are a means of transportation in Elysia? but are difficult for the majority of Elysians to control and are subsequently rare and expensive, usually reserved for the wealthier citizens.
  • They are seen as a status symbol and particularly popular with the richer citizens of Elysia?.
  • They are often found in parades and official ceremonies, especially being used by high-ranking soldiers.
  • There are pegasi shows and competitions that reward good breeding and cosmetic displays. As a result, the majority of pegasi owners spend time braiding their skystrider's mane and tail before going out in public. It is also not uncommon for the pegasus' wings to be dyed or for jewellery to be attached in various combinations.

Other Info: Pegasi are the rich man's horse and a flight of fancy, rarely used for everyday travel and instead saved for those special occasions where the beautiful animals truly come into their own. They can be temperamental and prefer not to take flight while burdened by a rider but they remain one of the most coveted creatures in the known realms for their sheer beauty and have become a favourite among warriors looking for a ride during ceremonial processions.

Creator: Emma?

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