Name: Fire Phoenix, commonly referred to simply as phoenix

Category: Useful

Type: Avians

Size: Medium

Region: Forest, specifically the Fae?

Rarity: Very, very exotic

Lifespan: 20-30 years (not counting the years it gains if it resurrects)


Sometimes called a firebird due to its colouration, the phoenix is a spectacular specimen with feathers the colour of fire. Similar to peacocks in many ways, they are slender and delicate birds made all the more lovely by the long spray of tail feathers and the fiery crest that fans out from the top of the head.


Not much is known about the phoenix due to its elusiveness and rarity, except that they do grow to full adulthood after their rebirth (unlike the khimaira which gradually shrinks with each resurrection).

Diet: Insects.

Habitat: In the wild, they're usually found in forested areas, the Fae? being their natural habitat. However, there is also at least one rumoured to live in the gardens at Xanth's Temple, so it's possible they can survive elsewhere.

Breeding: How they normally breed, or if they even do breed like other birds, is unknown. However, like khimaira, phoenices can resurrect as two newly hatched chicks (usually one of each gender) after death, but this process only happens approximately once for every fifteen that die.

Special Information


  • Upon dying, one in fifteen phoenices resurrects into two new chicks.


  • Phoenix feathers are colourful and make beautiful ornamentations for clothing and accessories. This has sadly led to a great deal of poaching.

Origin: The phoenix was essentially extinct save for one last remaining survivor: a male residing in the gardens at Xanth's Temple where it was given sanctuary, shelter and as much food as it required in an effort to keep the species alive. It unfortunately met with an accident and soon died. Luckily (or perhaps by divine intervention), the phoenix resurrected and, with Xanth's cultivation and nurturing, the species has slowly increased in number. A few have since been released into the wilds of the Fae Forest?, but they are still incredibly rare creatures.

Other Info: Though they are highly desirable as pets and trophies, their rarity makes them incredibly expensive and it's illegal to hunt them.

Creator: Emma?

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