Name: Prenkayl

Category: Useful

Type: Aquatic

Size: Huge

Region: Aquatic, particularly found in the Ao Sea?

Rarity: Common

Lifespan: 10-12 years


This amazing, albeit rather disturbing, creature is larger than a whale and has the odd form of a tadpole. Comparable to a jellyfish, its flesh is soft and squishy and it can send a jolt of up to ten volts of bio-electric current into anything that comes into contact with it. Special muscles in the skin help the prenkayl to change colour and appear to glow, providing the fodder for many a legend about the night-time lights offshore.


With the right equipment, such as a good fishing net and rubber footwear, newborn prenkayl are relatively easy to catch but care must be taken when handling. However, they grow quickly and in a matter of months weigh anywhere from one to three tons.

Diet: Plankton and small fish.

Habitat: Dependent on highly salinated water to survive, prenkayl inhabit the deeper waters of the Ao Sea?.

Breeding: Eggs are left along the coastline to hatch and the young stay in the shallow waters for several months. They swim further out to sea as they grow.

Special Information


  • It can send a jolt of up to 10 volts of bio-electricity into anything it touches.
  • It can change colour and appear to glow in the dark.


  • The tail is sought for the durable and rubber-like consistency.

Creator: Russ?

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