Name: Reaver
Category: Monsters, Mounts
Type: Mammalians
Size: Large
Region: The Acanthan Badlands
Rarity: Rare
Lifespan 10 years

Reavers are called warhounds but look closer to a warthog around the snout.

They are long but narrow creatures, averaging around eight feet from nose to rump and three feet across the shoulders. The fur covering most of the canine form is short and bristly. A puffy mane surrounds the neck, then draws down the spine and under the belly to meet at the tail.

There are two short tusks at the very end of the snout and two larger, curved horns that jut from the sides of the face just under the eyes. The mouth is brimming with thick fangs meant for ripping flesh apart, and the claws on each paw are similarly dangerous.

Reavers range in colour from a rusty brown to a pale orange, using their colouring as camouflage against the backdrop of the Red Mountains.

The mane and the longer fur at the back of the hind legs is always paler than the body, sometimes dramatically so, and the eyes are glossy black orbs. The tail is much like a wolf's, but the bushy fur hides sharp protruberances that can be used in a clubbing motion for a surprise attack.


Reavers are ferocious predators with a pack mentality. Wild reavers roam the Badlands in small numbers and compete with other packs for resources much the same as the Malaki tribes.

Domesticated reavers are bred and used as warhounds, war mounts and guard dogs.

Diet: Anything remotely edible. They prefer meat but are not picky.

Habitat: They have adapted to life in the Badlands.

Breeding: Reaver females come into heat once every six weeks but breedings do not always result in a litter. When they do, between three and six pups are born four weeks later. The runts are eaten by the mother. Those who survive are weaned within two weeks and taken out daily to practise their hunting skills. At the age of six months, they are expected to fend for themselves but are honourary members of the pack until they are two years old, at which time they must have earned their place through hunting or are exiled.

Special Information


  • Reavers have an excellent sense of smell.
  • They are ferocious attackers.
  • A pack is capable of working together to rip animals larger than themselves limb from limb.


  • Reavers are accustomed to harsh sunlight and windswept wilderness. They hunt mostly at dusk and dawn so do not have exceptional eyesight in full daylight or at night.
  • They are naturally fierce and strong-willed so their training must be reinforced frequently.


  • Daunters are bred for their viciousness and loosed before the main party to harry prey. They serve as attack dogs for use in battle and during hunts.
  • Sentries are loyal and obedient but have many of their own predatory instincts bred out of them so they will not kill the children they guard. They serve as guard dogs.

Origin: Unknown.

Other Info: Malaki who handle and train warhounds are called Reave Masters?. Breaking and training a reaver is a dangerous and arduous job so the Master builds an alpha-pack bond which must be reinforced frequently.

A Reave Master's pack has two or three reavers led by a beta wolf who essentially acts as the Malaki's sub-commander. A large tribe can support a maximum of 12 reavers.

Creator: Emma?