Name: Ruby Weevil

Category: Useful

Type: Insectoids

Size: Small

Region: Underground, mountains, and dark forest

Rarity: Common


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The ruby weevil is a six-inch ruby-red snub-nosed beetle with a gold glitter effect on the exoskeleton (particularly the carapace) and a slightly transclucent sheen to the legs. A minor subspecies features gold spots on the rear as well.


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Diet: It feeds on detritus.

Habitat: It can be found in the entrances to caves and mineshafts or dense forest and jungle where there's not too much light.


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Special Information


  • It's a known enemy of imps, being larger and stronger at 15cm (6 inches) in length and disliking their smell, so it is often introduced as pest control.

Creator: Emma?

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