Name: Salamander
Category: Monsters
Type: Reptilians
Size: Large
Region: Desert and scrubland of Acantha
Rarity: Common
Lifespan 5-7 years

Salamanders are between four and six feet long with bright red and orange mottled scales and large black eyes. They have suction pads at the end of their toes, a forked orange tongue and a long tail that ends with a black stripe.


The salamander's bright colours serve to attract mates but make them easy to spot, and as a result they're prey to several predators. Fortunately for the salamander, it's capable of outrunning most beasts with bursts of amazing speed.

Diet: They can survive on very little food, being content to live on insects and small rodents, but they tend to prey on larger animals including dogs and sheep.

Habitat: Hot and arid areas.

Breeding: Unknown. It's assumed they lay eggs like other lizards.

Special Information


  • They're capable of incredible bursts of speed.


  • They can only run for short bursts, so they're easy targets if their hunters have more stamina.


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Origin: Salamanders originated in a realm called Acantha, having come through the Chandric? portal only a few years ago?. They were not witnessed until after the Great Flood of 10,007 XA, and scholars are still attempting to figure out where exactly they came from. There haven't been many encounters with them, which doesn't help with studying them.

Creator: Emma?