Name: Sceolan (Skee-oh-lan)

Category: Pets

Type: Mammalians

Size: Medium

Region: Mountains

Rarity: Common

Lifespan: 14 `- 15 years


The Sceolan resembles the huskies commonly found on Earth, with the same general physiology -- except that they are a lot larger, growing up to five feet long. They are muscular and sturdy, and the height from a Sceolan's paw to its shoulder has been known to be up to four feet.

Most Sceolan have long, silky fur which is white to blend in with the snow, but some are ash gray if they are native to Dardanos?. Sceolan inhabit the mountains as their natural habitat, in particular the mountains of Dardanos? and the foothills of the Apolli Mountains?. Female Sceolan are a little smaller than the males and have less bulky bodies, but still have massive strength. Strangely, most Sceolan suffer from heterochromia, where one iris is blue and the other is brown, and it is considered a mutation for a Sceolan pup to be born with both blue eyes.


Wild Sceolan live in packs which are constantly on the move, and consist of an Alpha plus his or her Beta. The Alpha only has one partner, whom he or she selects upon choice, and strangely not on who is the best genetic match.

Sceolan exhibit a sentimental value to their partners, and it is often said that Sceolan, like most people, select their partner through love. The Alpha male is subject to challenge, but if the Alpha dies naturally this position falls to the eldest living offspring, whether they be male or female. Sceolan hierarchies are ones in which gender presents no issue, and females are considered equals to the males.

Wild Sceolan are not hostile to humanoids as long as they are not provoked, and have been known to help travellers in times of need by bringing prey as a gift if they are starving or defending them from predators. They have even been known to huddle up to freezing travellers to keep them warm.

Diet: In nature, they eat raw flesh, but tame Sceolan also eat cooked meat.

Habitat:' They originated in the mountains, but tame Sceolan can survive most climates. If they are venturing to particularly tropical climates, such as the Yondallar Rainforest?, they will need their fur cutting.

Breeding: Sceolan mate for life. The females come into heat twice a year, with a gestation period of five months, and produce a litter of five or more pups. Sceolan are very private about mating, and will not tolerate the presence of even their owners near the female or pups until their eyes are open.

Special Information


  • Very strong, they can carry up to two hundred pounds of weight.
  • They are intelligent creatures which display fierce loyalty.
  • Sceolan are very agile despite their bulk, and present a challenge even to the Snowy Sabre Cat.


  • Sceolan find it difficult to survive in tropical climates, and if they are in one, they need water at least once an hour.
  • They are very loyal to their owners and love unconditionally, so may be subject to hardship or abuse by cruel owners.


  • Tame Sceolan make excellent pets, displaying loyalty and an affinity for children especially. Sceolan are usually reared from pups to produce loving, obedient pets; however, they are incredibly intelligent and have been known to disobey orders which appeared to be immoral. As a result, they do not make very good guard dogs, but they can still sense danger and will defend their owner and household to the death.
  • Sceolan are commonly used by merchants travelling up mountainous routes, or any route at all, due to their immense strength. A single Sceolan can carry up to two hundred pounds of weight, and they have decent stamina, too.
  • Sceolan can be ridden, also, but only for brief periods of time for heavier people. They do not work with a saddle or reins so their use as a mount is limited, but they can carry a person weighing two hundred pounds for about two miles, and lighter people for longer.

Origin: The name Sceolan stems from Celtic mythology on Earth, and the creature was named by Elysians? formerly from England and Scotland. The Sceolan is a more bulky version of a husky, and was probably created for its cuteness as much as its uses by Xanth.

Creator: LJ?

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