Name: The Scorpion King

Category: Monsters, Useful

Type: Insectoids

Size: Huge

Region: Desert

Rarity: Very exotic

Lifespan: Unknown


Scorpion kings can top thirty feet in length (not including the poisonous tail) and are solid black.


Scorpion kings are related to the giant scorpion. No one knows why certain eggs birth scorpion kings but these monsters are much more passive than their smaller brethren even though their venom is far more deadly. They will rarely attack unless provoked.

Diet: They will devour almost anything nutritious but prefer vegetation.

Habitat: They're exclusively found in the Scorpion Desert?, hence the name.

Breeding: Giant scorpions can lay thousands of eggs and seem to breed randomly, but scorpion kings hatch from these eggs only rarely and seemingly at random.

Special Information


  • The scorpion king's tail injects powerful venom that can kill within an hour.
  • It has a hard exoskeleton which deflects projectiles and most melee weapons.


  • The joints in the scorpion king's exoskeleton are its weak spots.


  • The heart, blood and venom of a scorpion king can be used in a concoction with other ingredients, known only to Xanth, to cure Hind poison.
  • Scorpion venom is used by weaponsmiths, in poisons and in potions.
  • Scorpion hide is used in the making of armour.
  • Scorpion flesh is considered a delicacy in some circles and is rather tasty.

Creator: Emma?

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