Name: Solomon

Category: Monsters

Type: Mammalians, Amphibians

Size: Large

Region: Coastal, Marshland, Grassland, Forest

Rarity: Exotic

Lifespan: 15 `- 110 years(?)


A Solomon is like manticore: it has a lion-like body with a tail that resembles a palm tree front (eg, the leaf of a palm tree). It has a darker mane that varies in color from reds, browns, blacks, and even dark greys. Its eyes are always a near neon color, often very piercing, ranging in red, blue, orange, yellow, or green. Solomons have the face of a man, expressions glued in a near-constant smirk, without ears, and a tiger's nose. Inside their mouths are multiple rows of razor sharp teeth, much like sharks. Their paws are lion's paws with longer paw pads that almost resemble fingers.


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Solomon are extremely hostile towards any humanoid species, but will generally leave anything larger than themselves alone. They are known to prey voraciously on anything that is edible. A single Solomon can wipe an area completely devoid of prey in a short time. Therefore, they must constantly roam from territory to territory to offset their eating habits.

When they are full, they will lounge around in dark places. They enjoy prowling the beach and will carefully burrow themselves into the sand for longer periods of sleep, as it matches their pelt color, with their mane as their only foreign indication. They rarely make any noise at all and are known to attack without warning or reason.

It is impossible to tell how intelligent they are, as all attempts to observe them have ended in failure. When trapped and observed, the Solomon become like statues, never moving, rarely blinking. On lookers fear that it merely waits patiently for an opening to escape.

Diet: Carnivore. It eats anything that it can catch, even humanoids. It enjoys eating birds the most, and supplements its diet with fish.

Habitat: It cannot survive extreme weather, and tends to locate itself around a water source.

Breeding: When in heat, females will travel territories to seek males. The first male they find, they will mate, and when he has just finished and is exhausted, the female will turn around, kill, and eat him. In this way, she takes over his territory. Generally, two cubs are born, one male, one female. The cubs leave when they are adolescents to find their own way in the world.

Special Information


  • Brute force
  • Stealth, camouflage, and hiding


  • Males cannot resist a female in heat
  • Cannot swim, but can wade
  • Cannot survive extreme climates
  • Are frightening to look at

Origin: Native creature

Other Info:

  • No words, let alone sounds, have ever been heard from a Solomon's mouth, but it is rumored that a female will whisper a sweet, yet terrifying lullaby to any humanoid before she eats them
  • Solomon are named as such because of a man who once escaped one. As the first humanoid to ever encounter one, he named the singular creature Solomon. Later, more sightings have been recorded, and the entire species were named Solomon.
  • Solomon are manticore
  • Whenever livestock continue to go missing, it is blamed on a Solomon
  • Nymphs generally respect Solomon as they try to maintain a balance between all their territories, to avoid depleting any one are completely of prey

Creator: series?

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