Name: Spine-Tailed Cat (aka Spinytail, Spiny Cat, Spined Cat)

Category: Monsters

Type: Mammalians

Size: Medium

Region: Coastal, Forest, Grassland, Marshland, Mountains. Basically anywhere temperate.

Rarity: Fairly common

Lifespan: 12-15 years


The Spiny Tail is a sleek blue-grey wildcat with gradient shading. As its name suggests, there are spines on the tail of varying lengths, most of which are formed by tufts of fur but the longer of which extend from the skeleton as bony protrusions and can be used as a weapon. Similar fur tufts continue along the spine to the base of the neck, appearing at the hips and around the long ears as well.


The spine-tailed cat is aggressive and territorial, making it hard to tame.

Diet: It mostly preys on small animals, but is not averse to scavenging or scrounging for food in small towns and villages.

Habitat: It can survive almost anywhere but it mostly prefers temperate regions.

Breeding: Breeds like any other cat.

Special Information


  • The bony spines along its tail can be used as a weapon, as can the cat's claws and sharp little teeth.


  • Like many cats, the spinytail is vulnerable to catnip.

Creator: Emma?

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