Name: Sugar Emu

Type: Avians

Size: Large

Region: Desert

Rarity: Uncommon

Lifespan: Unknown


The sugar emu is a tall, white-blue flightless bird covered in white speckles. It usually has darker blue shading under the wings and on the long blue turkey legs, and has been named "sugar emu" for its vague likeness to a pile of sugar.

The tail feathers curve under the body slightly and the face is similar to that of a long-eared owl with a short, sharp beak and darker blue patches under the eyes and chin.


They're quite aggressive but not much else is known about them.

Diet: It pecks worms out of the dirt and feeds on insects.

Habitat: It tends to live in slightly arid regions such as the golden plains found north of the Scorpion Desert?, but not within the desert itself.

Breeding: Unknown

Special Information


  • Like ostriches and emus, there's a lot of strength in the powerful legs and beak.

Creator: Emma?

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