Name: Tiger Gazelle (aka "striped gazelle")

Category: Useful

Type: Mammalians

Size: Medium

Region: Mountains, specifically in the Apolli? range

Rarity: Common

Lifespan: 5-6 years


The tiger gazelle (sometimes called a striped gazelle) is a delicately-figured creature that lives mostly in the Apolli Mountains?. It features similar colouring to a white tiger with white or cream fur, though its stripes are usually in shades of green or blue. It also shares the white beard-like bristles around the face (being much fuller and exaggerated in the males), and its eyes are usually bright blue or green.

The tiger gazelle's limbs and form are extraordinarily long and thin, best described as "exaggerated and slightly warped from the norm" with unusual curvature in the bones. This, and their sure-footedness, makes them incredibly aerodynamic and helps to increase their speed, but does make them vulnerable to breakages in the rare event of a fall or stumble.

The tail, easily twice the length of its body at three metres, is also long and thin, ending with a large tassle of soft white fur in the females that is used to keep off-spring close. This tassle is much smaller in males and matches their base colour of either blue or green.


Built for speed and agility, these creatures are the gazelle of the mountains and live in small herds led by the strongest male.

Diet: Grass.

Habitat: Grassy areas in the Apolli Mountains?.

Breeding: They have one off-spring a year, reaching sexual maturity at the age of two.

Special Information


  • They're incredibly agile and sure-footed.


  • They are prone to broken limbs if they fall.


  • Tiger gazelle are the main prey of blue panthers but are easier to spot, so stalking a herd of tiger gazelle will eventually lead hunters to the great cat.

Creator: Emma?

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