Name: Tulip Snail

Type: Insectoids

Size: Tiny to small

Region: Grassland

Rarity: Common


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The tulip snail is named for its lovely floral colours, with a deep burgundy body and a glossy green shell (though some folklore suggests it got its name from its favourite food, the tulip).

Most interesting about this snail is the petal-shaped protruberances that grow on its back, giving the snail the appearance of a flower. This camouflage makes it one of the worst pests that Elysian? farmers are faced with, a problem that is usually dealt with by the introduction of certain snakes, including the angel snake, which feed on the snails.


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Diet: The snail feeds on many different plants and has a voracious appetite, which is why it's such a problem for farmers, but it seems to particularly favour tulips.

Habitat: It can be found on grassy plains, farms, and even in gardens, usually attached to the underside of leafy vegetation.


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Special Information


  • The flower-like protuberances on the snail's shell provides camouflage, hiding it from many predators. They also tend to stay on the underside of leaves and twigs, which makes them harder to spot.

Creator: Emma?

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