Name: Vlareon (aka "Passing Death")

Category: Monsters

Type: Ethereal, Humanoids

Size: Medium

Region: It can live almost anywhere as long as there are caves or sewers or other dark places underground for it to hide out, but it especially loves caves in the mountains

Rarity: Thankfully very exotic. Rather, very, very few people have survived the rare encounters, so it's difficult to say for sure just how many there are.

Lifespan: Unknown


Vlareon are small humanoid creatures with bat-like wings and glowing red or orange eyes. The body is very rarely seen as it's always shrouded under a black cloak and in impenetrable black shadow, but the frightening eyes are always visible.


Immune to abilities that create or manipulate light, and endowed with massive patience, the vlareon is one of the deadliest predators in the Known Realms. Intelligent and cold-hearted, they kill without remorse and are the only creature in Elysia? (besides humanoids) that will kill for sport.

Diet: Unknown. While it hunts many creatures great and small, it's never been seen to eat its prey.

Habitat: It likes dark, underground places, particularly caves and caverns under the mountains.

Breeding: Unknown. They're thought to simply burst into existence.

Special Information


  • Vlareon are immune to Light powers.
  • It's intelligent and patient.


  • Unknown. No one has ever proved the vlareon to have one, or at least survived to tell the tale if they did.


  • Unknown. Vlareon are so rare and dangerous it's almost impossible to find anyone who will deal with even parts of them.

Origin: Legend says the first vlareon was dug up by miners in the Dusky Mountains?. This legend is accepted as fact, but no one actually knows if it's the truth.

Other Info: Vlareon were once dubbed "Passing Death" by a poet who had heard the stories of soldiers and coined a phrase to suit. Unfortunately, the term isn't far off the mark. All Elysian? children are told horror stories about the vlareon to make them sleep, nurturing a fear that lives on into adulthood, which is probably a good thing as even the Aides? struggle to defeat these monsters.

Creator: Grace?

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