Name: Vosa
Category: Monsters, Useful
Type: Insectoids
Size: Medium
Region: Chinyelu?
Rarity: Exotic
Lifespan Unknown


Vosa are identical to kizi in almost every way. However, they are larger (up to six feet when expanded) and a colourful wash of greens and blues to match the jungle foliage.


Vosa are less aggressive than their kizi cousins. They tend to hide and slink around, utilising their camouflage for defense rather than to attack. Where kizi kill what they view as rivals, vosa avoid.

Diet: They suck up nutrients from their host, just as the kizi do.

Habitat: They are adapted to survive in a jungle environment, though are currently only found in Chinyelu?.

Breeding: Vosa breed in the same fashion as kizi. It should be noted, however, that the mutation is very rare and passed on only by the female regardless of the colour of the male.

Special Information


  • Like kizi, vosa have exceptional camouflage against a jungle backdrop.
  • Vosa posses low-grade telepathy and are slightly more sentient than kizi. They can tap into the host's thought processes and through them see and hear what the host sees. They retain simple knowledge from previous hosts, such as basic languages or plans, and in theory can be used as translators or spies because of that. However, once seized by a vosa, the host dies within three to four weeks so the danger usually outweighs the benefit.


  • Vosa are vulnerable to both saltwater and fire. However, to char the parasite from the host, the flames must get so hot and so close that the host generally dies from severe burns or complications within a few days.


  • Vosa can be used as spies or translators for basic concepts.
  • Danae? likes to keep them as pets.

Origin: Unknown.

Where did the creature come from? Did it evolve naturally from another species, was it one of Xanth's experiments, was it introduced artificially from another habitat, etc?

Other Info: ...

Despite their appearance and their categorisation as insectoids, vosa and the related kizi are not actually caterpillars and do not metamorphose into anything else.

Creator: Emma?