Name: Irrigofaux, better known as waterfox

Category: Pets

Type: Amphibians

Size: Medium

Region: Coastal

Rarity: Uncommon; Rare pets

Lifespan: 10-12 years


At first glance, the waterfox looks like any other arctic fox. It has blue eyes and a mass of white fur that, when dry, poofs up to almost double the irrigofaux's normal size, helping to deter would-be predators. This mass of fur also helps to keep the waterfox warm in chilly waters while it swims and hunts for fish.


An amphibious creature, the waterfox spends most of its life underwater and can hold its breath for up to an hour before needing to resurface.

Unlike the timid but friendly firefox, irrigofaux are more defensive and mistrusting, taking longer to warm up to people. However, pups are easier to domesticate.

Diet: Fish. Females will also feed on small mammals while nesting.

Habitat: Marshy or grassy coastline near the ocean, lakes or rivers.

Breeding: It nests on shore and, during mating season, returns to land to rear its pups.

Special Information


  • Irrigofaux pups make popular pets.

Origin: The irrigofaux, better known as the waterfox, is the result of one of Xanth's genetic experiments.

Creator: Tes?

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