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Name: Wormling (aka "snake-worm thing")

Category: Monsters

Type: Amphibians, Reptilians

Size: Huge

Region: Anoria's? southern coast. Possibly elsewhere, too, but they've only ever been encountered there.

Rarity: Unknown. They don't seem particularly uncommon on Anoria, but haven't been seen anywhere else.

Lifespan: Unknown


A wormling is long, thin, snake-like worm with fan-shaped fins framing its narrow head and many, many mouths gaping along its sides -- each with a nasty set of sharp fangs snapping for a snack.

They look, for the most part, like many other snakes, with reddish-brown scales and a triangular, narrow head. The body twines back on itself, hiding the wormling's true size (the current "best guess" is roughly 20 feet long) and many of its mouths in a writhing, looping mass.

The "fins", part warning and mating display, are a gold colour. They actually look quite pretty -- save for the sharp fangs protruding from each of the many mouths dotted the length of its sinewy body.


Wormlings have only just been discovered, so their behavioural traits are really a mystery. However, from Elysia's sole encounter with them during the Anorian Expedition, it's probably safe to say that they are territorial and aggressive.

First-hand accounts suggest that, when feeling threatened, the wormlings vibrate their fins to call for help. They also spit a green, gooey substance that has proven acidic, capable of eating through flesh and bone in minutes.

Diet: Unknown, but given the sheer number of mouths and the fangs in each one, it's a safe bet that they're carnivores.

Habitat: They seem to lurk in freshwater (possibly also saltwater, but the expeditioners didn't stick around long enough to check), burrow under sand, and slither through the forest -- all with the same adeptness. They have never been encountered anywhere but on Anoria, but it's possible they do exist elsewhere.

Breeding: Unknown.

Special Information


  • They can vibrate their fins to call for help.
  • They burrow underground (so far, it's only known that they can burrow under the sand much like kraken, but soft soil would probably be no trouble for them, either), presumably to wait for prey to fall into their waiting mouths.
  • They can spit a green goo that is a strong acid capable of eating through flesh and bone within minutes. It's possible they cover their prey in this goo to digest externally before swallowing, but so far they've only been seen to use it as a defence.


  • Unknown.


  • Unknown.

Origin: Unknown.

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Creator: Emma?

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