Name: Wraith

Category: Monsters

Type: Ethereal

Size: Large

Region: Marshland, specifically Banshee Bogg?

Rarity: Common

Lifespan: Undetermined, but they are thought to 'live' forever


The actual appearance of wraiths is unknown, though it's assumed to be the humanoid they once were in spirit form and that only Xanth can see this original form.


Wraith can manipulate emotions. They often appear to their victims as a rotting corpse and, as the prey's fear increases, grow stronger. The process causes a chain reaction: as the wraith gets stronger, it can take new and more terrifying forms specific to its victim, thus becoming more and more frightening. This chain reaction often ends in the death of the victim as he or she quite literally dies of fright.

In very rare cases, a wraith may grow strong enough to leave the Bogg? temporarily in search of more victims, but it must always return. They are also weaker during the day because light can disrupt the illusions they create and make their non-corporeal forms far less frightening.

Diet: They feed on any strong emotions, but as fear and anger are the easiest to manipulate those are the wraith's meal of choice. The only way to defeat a wraith is to conquer ones' own emotions and even then the wraith is not destroyed, it merely slinks away to find other prey.

Habitat: Wraith need the acidity in the muddy, acidic soil in marshy, boggy land in order to survive, and are thus trapped there. According to legends, Xanth banished them to Banshee Bogg, which at the time was uninhabited, so their population was limited to this region. However, once in a while they will grow strong enough to venture south to the open marsh on Lake Cora? for a short time before they're forced to return.

Breeding: They cannot procreate.

Special Information


  • They can create terrifying illusions.


  • Light can disrupt their illusions.
  • Conquering one's own fear will weaken the wraith, hopefully enough to break their illusions long enough for escape.

Origin: Local folk tales call the wraith vengeful apparitions that feed on the fear of their victims. In fact, the wraith are ex-Shades? who grew so bitter and angry that they were warped by it. As Shades they could not interact with the living at all, but over time their anger fuelled them enough to prey on the weak-minded. Feeding on their victims' fears, the wraiths grew stronger and stronger until they no longer resembled or remembered the people they once were. As a result, Xanth was unable to pass them on to full death and instead banished them.

Creator: Emma?

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