Name: Xais

Category: Monsters

Type: Ethereal, Avians

Size: Medium

Region: Jungle & Forest

Rarity: Rare

Lifespan: Unknown


The appearance of a Xais has only been documented twice, and then they were described as terrifying, vaguely bird-like monsters made of "shadows and fire and hate." The individual who described them died soon after from being too afraid to eat or sleep. If any other encounters have happened, no survivors have come forward to say as much.


Xais are thought to be related to wraiths, though there is no concrete evidence of that. The way it leaves the remains of its victims, however, suggests that it is neither wraith nor vlareon despite orhter physical or behavioural similarities.

Xais are extremely aggressive and will kill any animal they come into contact with. It is thought that they lay dormant for decades until being awoken, only to kill and then go back into dormancy. Being so aggressive, however, means it is very difficult to study them so little is actually known of their behaviour.

Diet: Xais lure victims into their domain by emitting a cry that sounds like a crying infant. The moment they attack their cry changes to a monstrous shriek which can be heard for almost a mile and continues until the victim is dead. The two previous survivors of Xais attacks claimed the creature was sucking the victim's soul through their eyes. What has been observed by examining the remains of victims is that all of the moisture was drained from the deceased's body in an extraordinarily fast manner.

Habitat: They are said to live in, or near, the very oldest of trees in every forest and jungle in Elysia?.

Breeding: Nothing is known about the breeding methods of the Xais.

Special Information

If you encounter a Xais, the only known method of combating it is to run as fast as you can away from it.


  • Their bodies are wispy in nature, thus making known attempts to combat them useless as the weapons seem to pass through their bodies.

Origin: Their origin is as fabled as anything possibly could be in Elysia, largely due to the lack of actual, trustworthy witness accounts. The most common stories say they are the vengeful spirits of the trees, coming to life whenever their land is threatened. These legends are spread largely because so many of their past victims have been poachers or hunters of some kind. [{Races/Nymphs]] are even known to spread these legends to help protect the Fae?.

Other Info: Although ICly not much information is known, here is their actual description for purely OOC purposes: They are small, red creatures that look very similar to hawks. In addition to their red body, they have long tendril-like feathers which they collect shadows onto with their weak shadow manipulation. When hunting, they latch onto the face of their victims and rapidly leech all moisture from the soon-deceased body.

Creator: Russ?

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