Name: Zayrn

Category: Monsters

Type: Ethereal Aquatic

Size: Small

Region: Aquatic

Rarity: Rare

Lifespan: 3 `- 5 years


Zayrns are called the wisps of the sea, and rightfully so. Their bodies are whimsical in nature, seemingly no more than slightly solidified and vibrantly colored water. They have a pseudo-solid core surrounded by a mass of vibrant, sprawling essence. This essence feels vaguely squishy at best, but one might not even notice they were being enveloped by it if they were swimming in the sea.

Zayrns come in the full spectrum of visible colors, though each one is only one of these colors. Their bodies are translucent as well, with each color being unique to only one Zayrn in existence.


What sets the zayrn apart from being just a pretty anomaly is what it does in the water. It is a highly deadly predator.

While hunting it vibrates its core to emit a soft humming noise. This noise is different for each zayrn, and the pitch and quality of the sound seems to be dependent on the color the zayrn possesses. For example, a dark blue zayrn will have a low, mournful sound, while a bright yellow one would have a high and energetic one.

These sounds are not tunes, though, and are more or less one fluctuating note. The songs are used to lull their prey into a sedate state, causing them to not resist, even as they are slowly drained of their lives.

Diet: The zayrn absorbs the life force of anything it touches, save another zayrn. It makes no distinction between animals, plants, or people. To feed, a zayrn's essence must be enveloping at least part of its prey, as well as making direct contact with its prey's body.

Habitat: Salt water oceans, primarily the warmer areas of the Ao Sea?.

Breeding: Zayrn multiply by dividing themselves at the end of their natural lifespan. Their color then fractures into two new and unique colors, and continues on. It is not known how many zayrn there are, or if they even are all unique colors, though no two zayrn of the same shade have ever been spotted together as of yet.

Special Information


  • Their songs are enchanting, and can lull one who hears them into a blissful state of ignorance.
  • They can drain the life out of any living thing as long as they are enveloping at least part of that being.


  • If its core is removed from the water, it dries up and dies within a matter of minutes. This is the only known way to kill a zayrn.

Origin: Legend says that the zayrn was the result of Xanth's experiments with Light and Water elementals, and that they were intended to be healers. The first one was used by Dimitri Koraceb? to heal one of his generals. The zayrn was then tainted by the evil of the general, and twisted in nature to what it is today. There's a legend saying they still have the capacity to heal, but no one knows how to bring out this ability, if it even still exists.

Creator: Russ?

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