How many characters can I have?

Ultimately, you can have as many characters as you can manage. However, there are some restrictions.

  1. You should play each character a minimum of 2 weeks before you consider making a new one.
  2. The first two characters are "freebies", but to create a third and up, you should have made at least 25 in-character posts on each of your previous characters.
  3. If you have 10 or more characters and wish to make more, you'll need permission from an admin.
If it seems like you struggle to keep a character active and still wish to make more, staff may ask you to wait or retire some characters. While we want you to have fun, it's not fair to other players to keep them waiting, or to make characters that you just can't play.

If all of your characters are retired and you want to ease back in to the game with a newbie, you can start from scratch under the following regulations:

  • You still need to list your previous characters when you fill out the "Other Characters" field in your application.
  • To make a new character after this, you'll need to wait a minimum of 4 weeks and make a minimum of 30 in-character posts on each new character in order to make the next.
  • You may still reactivate characters at a later date if you decide you want to play them after all. However, they will then count as a new character under the standard regulations.

What does it mean to "apply" for a character?

Before you can begin to roleplay on Elysian Fields, you need to submit a character profile, otherwise known as the application template. This form gives us essential information for processing your character properly, and creates an easy way to find that information when needed.

We try never to turn away a potential roleplayer outright and will do our level best to work with you if your initial character profile doesn't fit into our setting, but we also expect you to work with us. We're not a free-form game, so the application process is intended just as much to help you figure out what kind of character you can play here as it is to help us. :)

How do I apply or make a character?

Please read through our Application Process and Character Creation guides for help with character creation. You can find the application template here, or download the .rtf file from here.

Can I edit my character's profile once it's been approved?

Yes, profiles can be updated. Minor edits (like adding a non-special item or naming a family member that already existed) can be done without consulting staff, but you'll need to get your profile re-approved if you make other changes (especially major ones like adding NPCs? or background, etc).

To get an updated profile re-approved, just PM a copy of the edited section(s) (not the whole profile) to an admin. Remember to include the original version of those sections so they can easily see what the changes are.

Can I kill my character off?

Yes, certainly! It's your character so you can do what you like to them, within reason. However, do remember that in-character actions result in in-character consequences, so if your character is murdered or something to that effect, there will be consequences for the other character(s) involved. (Also, unless you have enough karma? to purchase a resurrection, they'll remain dead.)

Please contact Emma? by private message before committing to the character's death if you do have enough karma? and want a god to resurrect them for you. Note, though, that they cannot resurrect characters after 24 in-game hours.

Can I kill someone else's character?

With their permission, yes. If they don't grant this permission in their player limits, then you can contact the player via private message to ask them about it (unless they specifically say they don't want their character dead).

If you do arrange to have your character kill someone else's, please remember there will be in-character consequences for their actions.

Can my character be a species other than the ones listed?


Can I have a Human character?

Humans are a restricted species because 1) They're quite rare in Elysia; 2) They're a downtrodden species; and 3) We're in a fantasy world so we want to see more of the fantasy races rather than the human default.

However, yes, you can have one Human character for every two characters of another, unrestricted species. (For instance, you could have an Anyelos, a Dracovarian and a Human, but you couldn't have just a Therian and a Human.)

Can I have a hybrid character?

Yes. Please read Hybrid Characters FAQ for more information, as there are some restrictions and things to note.

What possessions can my character own?

This is a difficult question to answer because we have not yet fully explored Elysia or its daily quirks. However, your character's inventory should list:

  • enchanted or cursed items
  • companions
  • pets and mounts
  • special items allotted by your skill pack? (see What are Special Items?
  • property (specifically their house and shop if they own one)
  • combat gear (weapons, armour and health kit supplies)

You are also asked to list notable miscellany (such as expensive tailored clothing, rugged backpacks they always carry, etc) but are not required to account for everyday, common or cheap items.

Can characters support each other?

No (unless a character is sending another character money to pay for in-character purchases). Everything you earn in terms of cash, karma and items should remain on the character you earned them for (so you can't buy a pet for Character A using Character B's money), except when using funds from previous characters to start up a new one. However:

Certain contests, events and Prize Shop rewards can be spread across multiple characters rather than funnelled on to just one. You need to let the awarder know which characters should receive what percentage of these rewards so it doesn't all end up on the same character you applied/entered with.
Can I use funds from a previous character to create a new one?

Yes. Packs are too expensive for new characters to purchase by themselves, and we allow new characters to own enchanted/cursed items which must also be paid for (with karma?), so you can pool the resources from several characters to fund a new one.

Can my character own an enchanted item?

Keeping in mind the information about enchantments and curses (found here), yes. Your character can discover or inherit enchanted (or cursed) items in-game, or even summon a god to enchant an existing item for them. However, these must be purchased from the Prize Shop out-of-character with karma?.

Can Vampires have children?

Elysia's? Vampires are not the undead, so technically they could give birth. However, they are created by the Bloodlust Virus? which, among other things, prevents the Vampire from aging. If they were to have a child, the infant would contract the virus during foetal development and, once born, would never mature beyond infancy.

Can I buy the lower-priced skill pack? now, then get the more expensive one later on?

Yes, packs are upgradable so if you buy a lower-grade pack now, you can buy a higher-grade pack later. They do not stack, however, so you are essentially replacing the skill points and allowances the lower-grade pack afforded you.

What is "Knowledge"? - obsolete

The "Knowledge" listed in old character profiles is different from the Skills. Where the latter is controlled out-of-character by a strict system of skill points and in-character by genetics, Knowledge tried to account for any skill, trade or craft that could be learned by anyone regardless of race or class. It applied to any crafts, trades, languages, hobbies, talents, academia and any other areas of expertise characters might have learned (such as survival skills, carpentry, etc, as opposed to structured skills like Morph? or Elemental Manipulation?).

You can still include a list of the areas in which your character has trained and the skills they have gained if you like, but they are not a mandatory part of the application anymore.

How can I give my character money to buy items and stuff?
  • Make an in-character post.
  • Enter contests and challenges.
  • Participate in special events and plots.
  • Open a shop.
  • Submit? content to the wiki.
  • Claim awards from the Prize Shop.
  • Gamble at the Bookies.
  • Sell unwanted stuff at the Auction House.
  • Jump on random giveaways.
  • Bribe the admin.
Can my character have children?

Yes. In fact, we encourage characters who have family (partners, children, siblings, parents, etc) to match their age range, since this is a world we want to populate with more than just player-owned characters.

If your character is already married or has children when you first create them, their family background will be reviewed as part of the application process. However, if you want them to have children in-game, the pregnancy will need to be approved by an administrator before it's confirmed in-character, and there are some game rules regarding off-spring:

  1. EF runs in real-time so you need to consider the gestational period of your character's species. Some races have longer pregnancies than others, with all the complications that brings.
  2. Family members are counted as personal NPCs?, which means you can godmod them to your heart's content. You may use the NPC account to play them separately if you like, but small children especially should normally be godmodded from the PC's account.
  3. Once an offspring has reached the Young Adult stage, you can post in the Needed Characters thread to see if anyone wants to adopt them as a played-character, or do so yourself. In the meantime, you can treat them as any other NPC.
  4. All significant NPCs, especially ones likely to feature in actual roleplay, should have their own NPC? profile here on the wiki. However, unless you give permission otherwise in said profile, only you will be able to control them.

What are special items?

Special items are, essentially, "freebies" you can claim when you create a new character. They can be expensive items, rare or legendary artifacts, heirlooms, or basically anything your character could not otherwise afford.

Special items do not include enchanted/cursed items, real estate property, dragons, companions or familiars.
How many special items can I claim?

You can have 1-3 special items, depending on the skill pack? you used to create your character.