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What is a hybrid?

Hybrids are characters of mixed blood (e.g. a Nymph with a Therian mother or Anyeli grandfather).

Why are they treated as special characters?

Hybrids can gain access to some of the skills from both races. For instance, a Dracovarian-Anyeli could potentially choose a Sept but also learn to fly?.

However, the majority of cultures in Elysia? are mutually exclusive, so if that same 'Varian-Anyeli joined a Sept, they could not then also join a faction. This limits what skills are actually available to them.

Many of the cultures are also prejudiced against one another, so hybrids are not common. We would like to limit their numbers out of character, as well.

Basically, hybrids are complex characters that require a deeper understanding of the Elysian 'verse than most beginners have.

Are there ways around the cultural differences so my hybrid can take both racial paths?

Unofficially, yes, but it usually involves your character breaking several cultural taboos and possibly laws as well. Your roleplay will need to reflect the hardships caused by them joining two classes.

Breaking these rules is not a sole endeavour, however. Your character will also need to find someone willing to perform the class ritual without official sanction, as well as a mentor to teach them the skills that follow. Both of these will be taking great personal risk to do so.

Do I need a special skill pack? to create a hybrid?

No. The system changed in October 2012 so if you create a character after that date, you will not need a special pack.

Do hybrids have to be approved first?

Yes. We usually need to consult more on hybrid characters because they are far more complex.

Are there any restrictions on hybrids?

One per member. You may be allowed a second (with admin approval) if you have two "pure" characters and do not intend to give your second hybrid skills from both their races.

Will my hybrid be affected by the weaknesses of both races?


How will my hybrid be treated by the other races?

It really depends on the pairing, the outcome in terms of appearance (a half-Zanaryan without wings is no Zanaryan at all), and the races they interact with.

For instance, a hybrid whose secondary physical traits are more obvious will suffer more prejudice than one who can hide their dual nature, and some species are more aggressive in their shunning than others.

It's best to read the "Half-Breeds" sections of each of the racial profiles for more specific information.