What is a NPC??

NPC? is short for "non-player character". They're also known as "minor characters".

All it really means is that a character might have a minor role in a roleplay thread but isn't important enough to have an ongoing storyline (or their own account). They can be personal or story characters, the difference being that anyone can control the latter while personal NPCs belong to the player who made them.

Examples of NPCs? might include

  • family members for your Played Character [PC]
  • job characters (eg. couriers, shop staff, instructors, etc)
  • friends
  • significant characters in your PC's life (e.g. sparring partners, mentors, etc.)
  • passers-by
  • your PC's pets and/or companions (including a Dracovarian's dragon)

What are ONPCs?, then?

ONPC? is short for "Official NPC?". They're played by our staff writers, usually for official plots and events, but can also be requested for quests. They're distinguished from normal NPCs? because they are significant characters in terms of the game's setting (such as the Zanaryan Shrine Lords or a major villain), as opposed to regular NPCs? like a local inn keeper.

What can I do with NPCs??

NPCs? are essentially there to make your roleplaying life easier, and to bring our setting to life. They are not intended as a way to get around the character limit rules by giving you extras without requiring an application, but you can do whatever you like with them otherwise (within reason, of course).

Do NPCs? require an application?

No. However, you're encouraged to add them to the NPC Database?, especially if they appear more than once. This way, there's some consistency and an existing set of minor characters for use if you or other players are stuck for ideas.

Admins do keep an eye on NPC? submissions purely to make sure nothing too fanciful or extreme is going on and that all characters fit into our setting, but they're not moderated like Player Characters are so you have a lot more freedom with them.

Just remember to keep things balanced! It's no fun for other players if characters are too strong to compete with, even if they're NPCs?.

What can I do with ONPCs??

Use of the ONPCs? is more restrictive and they're designed more for site-wide plots and events than day-to-day threads. Unlike standard NPCs?, these guys aren't going to be the relatives or friends of your PC (unless you've spoken to the staff about it first), but they're not untouchable and you can request them.

While some are only playable by staff writers, others are available for you to play with staff approval. Some (such as the Shrine Lords, are actually expected to appear fairly often, so don't be shy in making requests!

How do I get someone to play a NPC? for me?

If you want a NPC? in your thread but don't want to play them yourself, you can either post in the Plotting Board to ask if anyone's interested in playing them for you, or nudge people in the shoutbox.

Our members are friendly and helpful, but if you don't get any interest from them, you can always ask a staff writer instead.

You can choose from the many NPCs? in our database?, or add one of your own using the NPC template! If you're expecting someone else to play your creations at any point, we definitely recommend the latter.

Is there a special account for NPCs??


Username: NPC
Password: nonplayer

This account is available to all our members and even to guests who would like to test the waters before joining. It has similar usergroup permissions as the Elysian (established, active characters) group and is moderated just the same.

The NPC account should not be used to grant your character special powers or items. They are for roleplaying purposes only.

How do I get someone to play a ONPC? for me?

You can request an ONPC? here or by contacting one of our staff writers directly.

Please be patient with us. Sometimes we can't join/start a thread right away.

Not all ONPCs? are restricted so you may be able to play them yourself (especially handy if the staff writers are too busy to help you out right away). Just check the Playability notes in the character's profile?.

You can request an ONPC? by filling out the form here or by contacting a member of the ONPC team directly.

Occasionally, the staff writers will post an ONPC? in a random thread (especially if it looks like that thread isn't receiving much interest) as a way to liven things up or give members something to do. All threads are potential targets (including [C]losed and [P]rivate threads) so if you really don't want to be interrupted, please put a [NO] (short for "No ONPC!") tag in your topic title.

Our ONPC? database is incomplete! There are dozens of people in Elysia? who are in important positions and would qualify as ONPCs, so help us out and submit more!

Is there a special account for ONPCs??

Yes, the "Official NPC" account is used by our staff writers to post ONPCs?. If you see a post made by this account, you shouldn't ignore it, especially if it's in your thread, as it may contain important plot/quest/setting information.

The ONPC account is similar to the NPC account in many ways but is primarily for official plots and events (small or large). If you're part of the ONPC team, you'll be able to find the password for this account in the private staff area, but if you're not staff and still want to play an ONPC?, you can do so (with permission from the staff) using the standard NPC account.

How can I submit an ONPC??

You can submit NPC profiles to the ONPCs? wikigroup just the same as any other page. However, ONPC profiles require approval from a member of staff before they become canon.