What is the "Powers System"?

EF's Powers System works in much the same way as you'd find in a game like Final Fantasy or Maplestory where your character needs to gain experience in order to level up. EF characters gain this experience as you make in-character posts, which allows you to buy upgrades for the skills and abilities available to their species.

You can find out more about the powers system by looking at the Skills & Powers page.

Posts Rank
000 Newcomer
010 Untested
025 Lowly
050 Humble
100 Modest
150 Exceptional
200 Noteworthy
250 Remarkable
300 Distinguished
400 Famed
500 Eminent
600 Heroic
700 Illustrious
800 Legendary

Then what's the Rank System?

There are 14 forum ranks that are just a fun out-of-character way to mark your in-character activity. At 300 posts, you can have a custom title instead of the defaults (at right).

What are the benefits of upgrading my character's skills?

The primary benefit is that your character will grow stronger and learn more and better powers. The stronger they get, the more they can do and the more respect they'll gain from the in-character community. They'll be able to handle tougher or more exotic pets, visit and live in the more dangerous areas of Elysia?, take more interesting (and better paying!) jobs from the noticeboard, and much more that they can't do when they're just starting out.

You also need to have spent 5 Skill Points in your character's class-based powers in order to choose a specialty, so upgrading is the only way to access these higher powers.

How can I upgrade my character?

Please read the Skills page for information on how to upgrade your character's abilities.

Where can I find out about my character's abilities?

You can find information for all the available abilities on the Skills page, either listed alphabetically or by race.

Can I give my character unique abilities?

Nope, 'fraid not. EF has a pre-set Powers System involving abilities that are determined by a character's genetics and thus their species. This means that every member of a particular race has exactly the same potential according to their class and specialty. If you don't like the abilities your character would gain as a Viridis, for example, I'd suggest choosing something else that you prefer.

If you feel strongly that a race should have the abilities you'd like for your own character, don't hesitate to suggest them to the administrators. If they agree, they'll add them to the Skills list so that all members of that race can use them, but you cannot have a power all to yourself.

Is there a way for my character to gain extra abilities?

You can't give your character extra abilities, but Xanth may be inclined to enchant your companions so they have powers of their own. Check out the Prize Shop for more information.

What are subgroups/classes/specialties?

Subgroup is the collective term for the classes and specialties your character can choose from.

  • Class is the first choice they make (e.g. Dracovari Septs).
  • Specialty is the second path, which is not available for all species.

Each subgroup allows you to customise your character a little more and affect their culture and powers.