If you're having technical difficulties around the forums, please check the help files before you do anything else. If that fails, and you can't find an answer here, you can post in our Help & Feedback forum or send Emma? a private message.

There's something wrong! :o

If you're having trouble with board settings, glitches, or just can't find how to do something, please post in the Help & Feedback board or contact Emma? with as much information about the problem as you can supply (screenshots often help).

Why can't I post anywhere?

This really depends on where you can post. Even guests can post in the guest-friendly areas (such as the advertising and help forums), so if you can't post anywhere at all on the site then there may be a problem with your browser or permissions.

Note first, however, that these guest-friendly areas require a moderator's approval before the post becomes visible, and that our moderators usually approve these posts within 24 hours, so don't panic until that time has passed.

If you can post in the guest-friendly boards but nowhere else, then the most likely problem is that you haven't validated your account (see the validation FAQ for help) or are not logged in.

If you're validated but haven't made an application or an in-character post yet and are still in the Newcomer usergroup, then you should be able to post in most of the out-of-character forums, but others will be off-limits until your character is established and you're in the Elysian usergroup.

Can I use HTML to create post layouts?

Yes. You can either create your own template or buy from one of the art shops in the Bazaar.

Please note, however, that this option is only available to active characters. If your character is Missing, Retired or not yet established, the HTML option won't be available to you.

Post layouts (also known as tables or templates) shouldn't be any wider than 500px overall, and the content area should be no less than 400px. Also, don't forget to include credits for any graphics and coding.

If you're tired of copy-pasting your HTML layouts, why not buy a BBCode from the Prize Shop? It makes posting with templates much, much, much easier. ;)

Please check the HTML Template & Help thread if you're having difficulties making your HTML work.

Can I use CSS in my layouts?

You can use inline CSS as part of your HTML, but you can't use embedded or external style sheets as these tend to break the site's skins.

What is the 'sidebar'?

Not to be confused with the sidebar on the forum index that contains the weather and news updates, your sidebar (aka "the character sidebar") is the box to the left of every post and private message you make that contains vital character and user information (including but not limited to your avatar, usergroup, post count, character stats, and even the last three trophies you earned).

Why am I required to include certain information in my sidebar?

The sidebar is a means of providing vital and useful information about you and your character at a glance. This makes it possible for other members to know your character's species, gender, apparent age, and so on.

The links you post in your sidebar also make it easy for other players to find further information (such as your character's full profile or your player limits) with a single click, rather than having to trawl through our journal archives just to check what colour your character's eyes are.

How do I edit my sidebar?

It's easy to edit your sidebar.

  1. Go to the Profile tab of your My Settings page by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top right corner of any forum page.
  2. Fill out all the "required" fields where they apply, and save changes.
  3. The information you've provided will automatically appear in your sidebar.
Some fields are only editable by the administrators and these will be done either when the admin approves your application, or when they come into play. These "Admins only" fields are marked so you know which are your responsibility and which aren't.

Remember to keep your info up to date!

I can't log in to edit wiki pages!

This is a problem that's cropped up a couple of times: "When I attempt to edit a page on the wiki, I'm asked for my password. However, when I provide it, I'm asked for it all over again!"

I'm still looking into this, but for the time being the only thing I can suggest is that you clear your cache and your cookies. This has, to my knowledge, fixed the problem for those who've reported issues.

How do I provide a "direct link" to a post?

In certain areas of the site, such as in events and contests or even just claiming an award, you might be asked to link directly to a specific post, whether your own or someone else's. To do this is very simple!

  1. Find the post you need to link to.
  2. Look to the top right corner of that post, opposite the poster's avatar. There should be a number, such as #9. This number corresponds to that post's position in the thread (which is coincidentally a quick way to judge just how many posts there are in a single thread).
  3. Right-click on the number and copy the link.
  4. Paste it into whatever form you're filling in.

Note: If you know a post's ID (which would the number at the end of the long url you just found, eg. 26344), you can use the [post=ID] BBCode to make a shortcut (ie, for the sample url above, you'd put [post=26344]). This BBCode operates like a normal [url=LINK] BBCode, but sometimes makes things much simpler (especially when you have to type the same link several times...)

How do I link to a specific thread?

It's even easier than linking directly to a post! All you have to do is go to that thread (a.k.a. topic) and check the url in your browser's address bar. It will look something like this: https://faroah.com/index.php?showtopic=3531.

You can also get this url by right-clicking on a link to that thread (e.g. from the forum index) and selecting "copy link address".

Note: If you know a topic's ID (which would be the number at the end of the url you just found (eg. 3531), you can use the [topic=ID] BBCode to make a shortcut (ie, for the sample url above, you'd put [topic=3531]). This BBCode operates like a normal [url=LINK] BBCode, but sometimes makes things much simpler (especially when you have to type the same link several times...)