How do I create an account on the wiki?

EF's wiki doesn't have accounts in the strictest sense because it relies on passwords (which you can get from the sidebar on the forums or by asking Emma?) to grant access instead.

However, you are required to sign any wiki page you've created or edited so it's easier to track who has done what as well as to make sure authors retain full credit for their work.

Signing your name creates a link to a wiki profile?, either on the wiki page you're editing or in the page's history.

What can I use my wiki profiles? for?

Generally speaking, you can put anything you like on your profile page as long as it's PG-13, although obviously we do want to keep it EF-related. We certainly suggest including a little bit about yourself and strongly recommend linking to your characters.

It's also a good idea to list all the wiki pages you've worked on in case the automated -Contrib list fails.

How do I sign my work?

There are two ways to sign pages you have created or edited. Please use them both where available.

  • Put your member name in the Author box beneath the edit box. This should be the same out-of-character name you use on the forums.
  • Some templates have a Creator field at the bottom where you should use the [[~YOURNAME]] markup (e.g. [[~Emma]]).

How do I list my contributions?

The wiki automatically generates a -Contrib list attached to your profile (e.g. [[Profiles/Emma-Contrib]]).