Affliction Notes
Blood Rage The blood rage is a disease that exclusively afflicts Therians, though all races except Vampires can be carriers. It is passed through bodily fluids and symptoms are slow to show: first, a purple vein rash down the neck, then a powerful fever, followed by irrational anger and ravenous hunger. The victim will lose the ability to stay in their form, which causes the victim to begin to burn through their energy more quickly than they can take in nourishment. They eventually die from exhaustion and starvation.
Bloodlust Virus To save Isolde?, Xanth fed her own blood to the girl's corpse and accidentally triggered a virus that destroys red blood cells so that the body suffocates. Vampires are driven to replace these cells and discovered that [{Creatures/Scourge | feeding on living beings]] could stave off the debilitating effects (though modern medicine allows transfusions instead).

The Bloodlust Virus is 100% fatal to Dracovari and dragons, while a mere 5% of Therians survive it to become monsters. Anyeli and Zanaryans have a 100% survival rate but their wings shrivel and die. Nymphs and humans can survive the virus physically intact but lose any powers they had previously.)