Potions & Concoctions

Potion Colour Made from Effects
Golding Yellow-orange Goldrush tree? Heal moderate to major injuries
Jademine Pale yellow Jade venom + Jumenmine? leaves Heal minor to moderate injuries
Jumen Charm Orange Jumenmine? oil + scorpion blood + Cactus? juice Attracts creatures (1 mile radius up to 5 hours)
Speeding Ruddy orange Squirrel fur + various Boost speed? x4 up to 20 minutes
Tepumine Blood-red Tepua? pollen + jumenmine? roots Heal major to life-threatening injuries
You can also get healing elixirs from the gods via the Prize Shop.

Alchemical Items

Item What is it? Effects
Carsic Acid Carser stomach acid Eats through almost anything (including things that are otherwise unbreakable, such as kumo webs). Requires a special container.
Flash Grenade Small vial containing a flammable fluid that will ignite when the container is smashed. Small explosion that blinds anyone in a 15-foot radius for up to 10 minutes.
Iron Maiden Small single-use engraved capsule used to contain an elemental. Produces a large elemental source of the corresponding element for 1 hour. After use, it melts away and leaves colored ash. (It is rumored that these devices produce energy for an evil deity.)

Remedies & Protectives

Remedy Effects
Archon oil Protects skin from fire and extreme heat (very rare and expensive)
Babana? fruit Helps with pulmonary diseases
Babana? leaves Tea that helps with slimming
Babana? oil Eases muscle pains
Bithanium Paste-like mineral dried into small brown pebbles that can remove a temperature-related ailment (e.g. fever or hypothermia)
Blue Willow? Mild painkiller (tea); superficial cuts and bruises (compress); also speeds up healing properties of arnica and chiolen
Chiolen? Treats depression and heartache
Gallan Mystrider? treatment similar to Trian, but using the pale orange spines instead. Sedates patient for more severe injuries so they cannot remember their suffering. A gallan coma can only be remedied with nixan
Goldrush? Restorative used in golding
Ilari Starflower? Treats hypothermia
Imp blood Used as an activator in many potions and herbal compounds
Jade Snake venom Treats arthritis; used in many potions and concotions#
Jalip The only cure for Therian? Blood Rage, jalip is a mud-like salve made from the ground shell of a tulip snail, the venom of a [{Creatures/jade snake]], and mashed coilgrass? roots). It must be applied after the fever forms
Jumenmine? Used in jademine and tepumine
Nixan Muddy brown Mystrider? remedy for gallan coma, made from spineline? sap and snapwing? blood. It alleviates all known effects of spineling toxins, whether they be medically induced or caused by accidental exposure. Nixan's primary side effect is intense vomiting and sometimes momentary bleeding from the eyes
Tammish? roots Helps with pulmonary conditions
Tepua? pollen Expensive restorative used in tepumine
Trian Mystrider? treatment for pain using the glossy dark blue spineling? (boiled in a broth of water and snapwing? blood). The spines are rammed directly into the bone of the patient to accelerate regeneration of organic tissue (at the cost of a long list of highly dangerous side effects, the most common being extreme hallucinations)
Unicorn horn Ground up and used in healing potions
Windfur pellets Used in healing potions and concoctions to strengthen them, even though the rumour of them having healing properties is nonsense

Poisons, Drugs & Venoms

Most poisons are used in healing, it is overdose or prolonged use that causes damage or death.
Poison Effects
Foxlight? Systemic shut-down
Gurell? Sigestive problems
Hind saliva Paralysis, hallucinations, death
Hind venom Death (gods), paralysis
Hydra venom Death within a day
Khimaira venom Weakens by generation from instantly fatal to mild irritation
Lunastur? secretions Slow paralysis
Naga venom Paralysis
Reverie Liquid hallucinogen made from reverweed? pollen, marketed as "Happiness in a bottle"
Giant Scorpion venom Death within 6 hours
Scorpion King venom Death within 1 hour
Stardust Ilari? powder and scorpion tails; a low-class, black-market hallucinogen
Tepua? gas Paralysis
Wolfsbane Dried arnica that, when inhaled by Therians, dulls the senses and traps them in their current form?