Gurell? and Leek Quiche
This quiche is made with shredded gurell and leek, sundried cherry tomatoes, and parmesan cheese for tart, fruity flavour.
Ilari? and Lemon Traybake
A flat, lemon sponge cake baked on a tray, with pieces of ilari berries cooked into the dough and then whole berries placed on top. The whole thing is then doused with icing sugar and cut into square or rectangular portions.
Kraken Platter
A favourite of the Dracovari, this is a large seafood platter that includes diced kraken meat mixed with various other seafoods on wooden kebab sticks grilled over a barbeque. These kebab skewers are served with several small dishes each containing a seafood dish from crab and lobster meat to orchid tentacles. Orchid squids are quite rare and krakens are notoriously difficult to kill, making this dish an expensive treat.
Kraken Steak
A favourite of dragons and Dracovari, this is a large fillet of kraken meat usually fried over an open fire and then served on a bed of salad. Krakens are notoriously difficult to kill and thus kraken meat is very expensive.
Rakeri? and Phikeia? Salad
A leafy sea salad made up of both raw and poached rakeri mushrooms, marinated and dried phikeia bubbleweed, tomato wedges, cucumber slices, various leafy lettuces, cubes of goat's cheese, couscous, cubes of lightly toasted bread, and flakes of parmesan, run over with a nutty lemon vinaigrette.
Scorpion Tails
A simple dish, the tails from giant scorpions are marinated in barbeque sauce and then fried or barbequed.
Spider Legs
Kumos are surprisingly nutritious, if one can refrain from vomiting at the very idea, and a particular favourite of Therian clans living on the Chandric? border. The hair is singed off and the outer dermis scraped away to reveal an almost crab-like meat that can be eaten raw or cooked in a stew over a camp fire. Despite the name, the legs themselves are inedible.
Tammish? Torte
Primarily chocolate, this torte is a bitter and tart affair split across the middle by a layer of fruity tammish jam, with a layer of tammish berries on top. The more adventurous cooks will decorate the top by placing tammish petals on the top as well.