Poison Effects
Foxlight? Systemic shut-down
Gurell? Sigestive problems
Hind saliva Paralysis, hallucinations, death
Hind venom Death (gods), paralysis
Hydra venom Death within a day
Khimaira venom Weakens by generation from instantly fatal to mild irritation
Lunastur? secretions Slow paralysis
Naga venom Paralysis
Reverie Liquid hallucinogen made from reverweed? pollen, marketed as "Happiness in a bottle"
Giant Scorpion venom Death within 6 hours
Scorpion King venom Death within 1 hour
Stardust Ilari? powder and scorpion tails; a low-class, black-market hallucinogen
Tepua? gas Paralysis
Wolfsbane Dried arnica that, when inhaled by Therians, dulls the senses and traps them in their current form?