Remedy Effects
Archon oil Protects skin from fire and extreme heat (very rare and expensive)
Babana? fruit Helps with pulmonary diseases
Babana? leaves Tea that helps with slimming
Babana? oil Eases muscle pains
Bithanium Paste-like mineral dried into small brown pebbles that can remove a temperature-related ailment (e.g. fever or hypothermia)
Blue Willow? Mild painkiller (tea); superficial cuts and bruises (compress); also speeds up healing properties of arnica and chiolen
Chiolen? Treats depression and heartache
Gallan Mystrider? treatment similar to Trian, but using the pale orange spines instead. Sedates patient for more severe injuries so they cannot remember their suffering. A gallan coma can only be remedied with nixan
Goldrush? Restorative used in golding
Ilari Starflower? Treats hypothermia
Imp blood Used as an activator in many potions and herbal compounds
Jade Snake venom Treats arthritis; used in many potions and concotions#
Jalip The only cure for Therian? Blood Rage, jalip is a mud-like salve made from the ground shell of a tulip snail, the venom of a [{Creatures/jade snake]], and mashed coilgrass? roots). It must be applied after the fever forms
Jumenmine? Used in jademine and tepumine
Nixan Muddy brown Mystrider? remedy for gallan coma, made from spineline? sap and snapwing? blood. It alleviates all known effects of spineling toxins, whether they be medically induced or caused by accidental exposure. Nixan's primary side effect is intense vomiting and sometimes momentary bleeding from the eyes
Tammish? roots Helps with pulmonary conditions
Tepua? pollen Expensive restorative used in tepumine
Trian Mystrider? treatment for pain using the glossy dark blue spineling? (boiled in a broth of water and snapwing? blood). The spines are rammed directly into the bone of the patient to accelerate regeneration of organic tissue (at the cost of a long list of highly dangerous side effects, the most common being extreme hallucinations)
Unicorn horn Ground up and used in healing potions
Windfur pellets Used in healing potions and concoctions to strengthen them, even though the rumour of them having healing properties is nonsense