In 10,011 XA, Uberto Adelina? got it in to his head to follow in his missing grandfather's footsteps and mount an expedition to Anoria?. Despite the money he offered, only the Artega? would brave the dangers of the Ao Sea? to take him anywhere near the mysterious and unexplored island. They soon regretted it.

The expedition was cursed from the moment they set off, stepping in to rescue the Dragon's Pearl? from pirates before they'd even left the Espur Straits?. With extra passengers, and having lost half their supplies, they were forced to fish on the fly, and things just got worse from there.

Almost eaten alive by a kraken, inundated by a violent storm, nearly melted on the spot by Anoria's wormlings and pummelled by walruses, the expedioners finally made it home two months later, having explored only a tiny portion of Anoria's southern sandforest?.

Yet they returned home heroes, and Uberto already has plans for a return journey (more fool him).