The Anyeli Civil War began in circa 2,000 XA? when two lieutenants from opposing factions started a bar fight that spilled into the streets of the now ruinous Delkor?, where the Kurio? and Arkigo? of the time had entered into talks to discuss their differences. It is likely that the two lieutenants were fighting over something mundane, but the Skotadi and Apali factions had already been at loggerheads for decades. What should have been a simple brawl followed by swift disciplinary action instead got the pair executed for treason and sparked a religious war which has lasted, on and off, for over eight thousand years.

There have been many cease-fires and peace treaties between the two factions since then, but something always reignites the fuse. As a result, the war has lasted for so long that religious dogma has become an integral part of Anyeli culture, making the reasons for the fighting as political now as it was about their beliefs. Fighting has become a fact of life, and even the intermittent cease-fires and periods of peace have become a strategic call for time to regroup and rebuild.