Alternatively known as the War of the Dragon, Dimitri's War lasted for four years, between 9,787 and 9,791 XA. Led by an ex-Aide, Dimitri Koraceb?, and a powerful new cult called the Sect of the Dragon?, the war was a rebellion against Xanth's rule and the very idea of her as a god.

But Dimitri, a Peteulanus and the "Dragon" in question, was governed by ambition rather than any religious motives. As an Aide, he had tasted Xanth's power and wanted it for himself; and in his arrogance, he was convinced that she was still ignorant of his machinations -- and that she would give him what he wanted when he finally revealed the truth.

At first hiding behind the Sect's leader, Calum Aitken?, so that he might appear an innocent, Dimitri pretended in public that he could not understand their devotion -- all the better to trick the masses. But as the Sect grew in numbers and strength, his pretense faded, and Elysians? began to see his true colours.

Too late. The Sect had already spread across eastern Elysia, systematically destroying shrines and temples and the Priests? who manned them. And then, starting with smaller, unguarded villages and towns, Dimitri's army swept across Daire?, using fear tactics and mind control? to bring his conquests into the fold.

It was not until Dimitri's army started to attack larger settlements, like Zinovia? and Agronia?, that Elysians began to understand the scope of the problem. By then, as most of Elysia's warriors marched to answer Corantha's? pleas for help, the Sect was strong enough to move on Alexandria?, Elysia's seat of power. Taken by surprise and outnumbered, the Town Guard? was well on its way to defeat when an army of civilians, led by a surviving Priest, joined the flanks.

The city lay under siege for days, and most likely would have fallen. Fortunately, one of the battalions headed for Corantha had been late in departing, and was thus close enough to come to Alexandria's aid. Their strength and prowess was enough to turn the tide -- but it was not to be the last of Dimitri's attacks on the portal city, and though the Sect was turned away, their defeat was a declaration of war.

In total, Dimitri and his Sect made three separate attempts to conquer Alexandria, and failed every time -- despite their underhanded methods. Yet it was not until the very end of the war that Xanth herself intervened, when Dimitri attempted to use the powers she had given him to help people in order to decimate the opposition.

First-hand accounts claim that Dimitri simply vanished, leaving nothing behind but the tell-tale wisp of purple smoke. In the centuries since, there has been great speculation over his fate, and none of it pleasant. Among Elysians, the general consensus is that Xanth was forced to destroy him for the good of her Children, but naturally, the Sect disagrees.

Thankfully, the Sect of the Dragon was soundly defeated in the wake of their god's disappearance. Most of their members and thousands of Elysians were dead, bloodied corpses on a battlefield; the rest were hunted for war crimes and fled into hiding, where they remained (metaphorically speaking, at least) for decades.

Over time, the Sect has grown again, but not to nearly the same numbers. Without Dimitri, they don't have the strength to rebel against Xanth or Elysia's governing bodies, and they fear their fate if they try.

Neverthless, they await their god's return, convinced he is merely caged and awaiting an opportunity to escape.