In 10,012 XA?, the Voice of Xanth finally discovered what they thought to be the ruins of the first temple built in honour of Xanth.

Determined to reclaim past glory and whatever artifacts they might find there, High Wisdom Fay Prydwen? sent a team of treasure hunters, led by Priest Nikandros Phadra?, to explore the ruins of Dionica? and bring back what they could with a view to setting up a permanent archaelogical camp there.

Things did not go entirely to plan. Before the group had even set foot inside the ruined temple, they were almost eaten by a swarm of kumo and were forced to burn their way through the gruesome nest.

Then, halfway into the ruins, they encountered another group of treasure hunters, led by Marcellin Ardiccioni?, and a fight ensued. Though victorious, Phadra's group were later betrayed by Vilfredo Faust?, one of the mercenaries hired to protect them, when he cut a deal to help Ardiccioni escape in exchange for a share in the stolen artifacts.

Faust's gang? and Ardiccioni's group were ultimately defeated, and the expedition returned to Prydwen with carts full of treasure that was divided among the participants. Prydwen and Phadra were more interested in the religious artifacts discovered, which will no doubt keep them busy for years to come as they search for answers and a route back to past glory.