A few years after the Prota Divide and the narrow escape of there being a war within the clan, a new problem arose. Two descendent clans, the Equine? and Rapolo?, were far too close to each other as both clans held chiefs that were descendants of the first Therians. Both felt they had a right to their ancestral territory, the Skia Glades?, and the abundant food within them. However, neither clan was in a rush to get into a war and therefore came to a conclusion: They would take turns using the Glades by year. Out of courtesy for the older Therian chief, Heimdal Rapolo?, the Equine clan allowed Rapolo to have the first year in the glades. Everything was going fine until Minevas 17, 9,002 XA? when the Rapolo chief’s son gathered some of his friends and invaded the Glades while it belonged to the Equine. Skulde Rapolo? was known very well throughout the clan for being self-centered, arrogant and a bully. He felt he was entitled to the forest, being a direct descendant of the First like his father, and his favourite form was that of a powerful a black bear that made him feel superior.

Not only did he and his friends invade the Glade, thus breaking the agreement, but also stole and fed on animals that belonged to the other clan, and deliberately left the butchered remains behind for the Equine to find. Enraged and insulted, the Equine clan sought justice so the chief, Odden?, confronted the Rapolo Clan. Heimdal was ashamed and outraged at his son's actions and tried to reason with Odden, but it was too late. The offense Skulde had caused was too much and they could not let it pass.

Worried for his wife and daughter, Heimdal sent them away from the Clan into hiding, even though they objected. And so a year-long war broke out between the clans, fought across many forms?. Skulde was the first to die, and though Heimdal had been upset by his son’s actions, the loss infuriated him. The war intensified, and did not end until Duminas 20, 9,003 XA, when there were but a handful of kin left on either side.

Both chieftains had given their lives to end the battle, growing tired of the bloodshed over a fool's mistake. Hela?, Heimdal's daughter, came out of hiding when she felt it was safe, only to find her father dead and both clans abolished. She grieved for both.

An Equine survivor named Freyr? saw how she wept for both clans and fell for her deeply. She was caught off guard but was touched by his words. Though she did not yet love him in return, she agreed to mate with him so they could bring the survivors together under a single name. Only a month later, the Equine and Rapolo clans were merged under the name of Prota? once more.