In the winter of 7923 ZT?, the then-Great House Haytham officially splintered into as many as twenty different families due to internal power struggles, and marked House Haytham as the first founding Great Houses to fall. It would foreshadow a conflict that would plague the entire realm? less than five centuries later for the same reasons. The fall of Great House Haytham showed that it was possible for a miraja to dissolve purely from internal strife and served as a cautionary tale for all the other Houses.

The Cause

The cause of House Haytham's fall is something not unfamiliar to all Zanaryans; competition between the sons of the main family, and jostling between branch families to gain more influence. Common opinion is that House Haytham had made the mistake of bringing in too many talents as branch families. In the generation in which House Haytham fell, there were no fewer than eighteen Azizi, not including those who were heads of their own patriarchy. None of them were from the main family.

The Fall

The fall was not a sudden event, at least not to the members of House Haytham. All parties involved, when asked, would remark that intra-house tensions had been brewing for a long time, especially between the main and branch families. That being said, many members of House Haytham were still surprised that the House actually fell, having expected that the reins of control would simply switch hands instead.

To the general Zanaryan public, the first cracks appeared during the Zanaryan referendum held a year earlier. In a rare turn of events, a good number of the patriarchies making up House Haytham could observed as voting against the interests of the main house. It was a very public loss of face for House Haytham, but things would only get worse from then on be it in the political arena or matters of commerce. It seemed as though a number of the patriarchies had decided to abandon the name of Haytham, and do their best to drag it through the mud on their way out.

The end of House Haytham was a forlorn one; the current head himself chose to declare House Haytham as fallen. And it had fallen very far, becoming nothing more than a branch family of House Darzi?.

The Legacy

The fall of House Haytham, an influential merchant house with many fingers in as many pies, caused a momentary panic among merchants. Disorder had been the call of the day, and certain trade routes were at a standstill for as long as three months before negotiations between the various patriarchies controlling them finally went through. House Darzi, on the other hand, experienced a substantial burst of growth during the same period, leading some to speculate if Darzi had a hand in Haytham's fall.

Members of the patriarchies descending from House Haytham generally still bear much ill-will towards each other, due to perceived grievances.