0-30 XA Humans have been growing increasingly suspicious and aggressive toward the Dragons.
Xanth, the Creator, arrives on Earth? (XA calendar begins). Danyel is the first man to witness her powers and declares her a god.
30-100 XA Skirmishes between Dragons and Humans break out, bringing the threat of war.
The first draconic experiments in taking human form begin, leading to the Great Split.
Danyel founds the Priesthood of Xanth?.
100-300 XA Despite their best efforts, the Dragons are unable to make peace with Humans.
Xanth creates Nirim?, triggering the First Migration.
The Priesthood of Xanth? builds the first temple dedicated to Xanth.
The Time of Strife, a period of the Dragon Calendar which predates Elysian history, ends and the Time of First Peace begins.
300-500 XA Xanth creates the Book of Days? to record history.
The first Dracovari appear on Earth?.
500-900 XA The first Anyeli appear in what is now Greece. Seen as children of the gods, they are revered by most Humans.
926 XA The Anyeli Calendar (XA?) begins, back-dated to Xanth's arrival.