The Great Flood of 10,007 XA lasted several months and wiped out a great deal of the desert's? inhabitants.

Many things changed because of the flood. Certain criminal organisations that used the desert as a place to hide were wiped out and the population of giant scorpions (which had been growing out of control) were "reset" for a greater balance.

As a result, Elysians like to theorise on the cause of the flood. Given that problematic criminal groups were obliterated, some like to think that Xanth was "cleaning up", while others believe that Nymphs were responsible for bringing balance back to the populations of the desert. It's just as likely that it was a natural disaster.

For years after the floodwaters receded, there were constant squabbles among new criminal groups looking to step into empty shoes. So far, no particular group has gained a strong enough foothold to call the desert theirs, but there are plenty of nomadic organisations willing to try.

Other lifeforms seem largely unaffected by the flood despite taking severe losses. The scorpions, at least, are far more managable now.