Before the Hundred Year War, which took place between 8,310-8,408 ZT?, there were only four Zanaryan? nations. After it, there were six.

Like most other Zanaryan wars, the Hundred Year War was triggered by the competition between the elements, with each nation claiming that theirs was "the best" and their Shrine Lord "the strongest". Family and Shrine rivalries quickly became House feuds, which in turn dragged in affiliated Houses, and before they knew it entire nations were declaring war on each other.

However, the war (probably) wouldn't have lasted a century if there weren't other tensions that also came to a head during the conflict.

Zanaryan refugees, also tired of the complex political system and the fact that the Lords held so much sway over areas that should have been outside their jurisdiction, left their war-torn homes in search of more peaceful surroundings. Some even refuted their allegiance to a Lord out of protest, embarrassing their masters into laying down the law (which in turn only made them rebel all the more).

Ultimately, the Hundred Year War resulted in the creation of two new nations, Ilia? and Reixos?, where Zanaryan laws and society are less strict. However, for the other nations, nothing really changed.