8,402 XA The Anyeli factions agree to a new cease-fire.
8,509 XA Xanth attempts to resurrect Namiko Akakios's Lifemate?, Isolde?. Instead, she creates the first Vampire.
Isolde spreads chaos and bloodshed along with the BloodLust Virus? across Elysia?, creating the Scourge and starting the first of the Scourge Wars. Namiko is forced to destroy his lifemate and flees Elysia in grief.
8,510 XA Conor Flyn? infects a wolf with the BloodLust Virus? as it gives birth, creating the first Hind and Therians.
The Hind sweeps a bloody path across the continent but is destroyed by Xanth, who then wipes all knowledge of the beast and its attack from memory.
The first Therians appear.
8,511 XA Silas? is founded near the shores of Lake Bethesda? by Nymph survivors of the Scourge Wars.
8,512 XA Serendipity? is founded.
8,562 XA The first shadowkin, Spiridon Constantinides?, is born of Leentje Garis? and Makar Constantinides?.
8,589 XA The Scourge Wars end. Vampires evolve from the remaining Scourge.
8,650 XA Nymphs grant Therians sanctuary in the Fae Forest?.
The Anyeli Civil War recommences after nearly 100 years of ceasefire.
8,750 XA The Rowan Caverns? are dug out and gradually extended over the next 100 years.
8,814 XA Espur? is founded.
8,977 XA Dimitri Koraceb? replaces Namiko as Xanth's Aide. He plots world domination behind her back.