About three centuries back, in 9,703 XA, during the Anyeli Civil War, Lieutenant Talos Kalakos? of the Varangoi was told to take some of his squadron and bring back some deserters of the war. Prior to this order, it was said that the Skotadi lieutenant had expressed his concerns to one of his friends, and allies, that he did not think it right to be killing their fellow Anyeli. This 'friend' had then repeated this to their superiors, and consequently, Talos was given this task with the intention of teaching him what it meant to have such morals. The men he was sent to find had exactly the same ideas as he had.

Although unhappy that he had been given such a task, Lieutenant Kalakos had no choice but to submit himself to finding the deserters. It took three days, but he and the members of his squadron located the deserters. What they found was a small group of six men, all cold, hungry and lost. The lieutenant, renowned for his kindness and compassion to his fellow soldiers, gave food and blankets to the men instead of following his orders. He was stirred by their plight and situation. The men longed to be at home with their families, but many could not return home as this would mean they would almost immediately be taken back to their superiors to be dealt with. Talos was startled by how quickly their superiors could turn on their men and their morals, simply over a matter of 'honour'.

After leaving the men, his orders having been to either bring them back alive or to slaughter them if they attempted to flee, Lieutenant Kalakos returned. Inevitably, he was stripped of his rank and demoted back to a lowly Guardsman. Shocked by the war, Kalakos abandoned his studies as a Warrior in order to pursue those of the Peacekeeper. Though welcomed amongst the peacekeepers, Talos was subsequently rejected by his former warrior allies, and lived a tranquil life working on diplomacy between the Skotadi and Apali.

Lieutenant Kalakos has, in the current century, been renowned by peacekeeper historians and diplomats as an exemplar representative of their class. Consequently, many peacekeeper students may feel free to read his journals of the civil war and his written books on the tactics of diplomacy in the Great Library of the Cloud Palace?.