Though this is referred to in the plural, there was only one actual war (to date) and it did not involve today's more sophisticated Vampires. There have since been outbreaks and skirmishes between locals and "monster vampires", but none of these has ever come close to the destruction wrought by the first generations of Scourge.

Lasting nearly 80 years between 8,509 and 8,589 XA (509-589 AD), the Scourge Wars saw several large-scale skirmishes as Elysians? attempted to keep the Bloodlust Virus contained and controlled.

However, perhaps the most dangerous times were the periods between battles when the Scourge, who sought fresh blood with an aggression and violence Elysia had never before seen, could continue their rampage unchallenged while their opponents regrouped.

During the war, whole villages were wiped out, and those who weren't killed outright by their attackers inevitably joined the ever-increasing Scourge ranks.

Their downfall came when Elysians learned of their aversion to light and used various means to blind them or herd them into traps.

So terrifying and virulent were the Scourge that for years after their defeat, Elysians continued to hunt them down. It is thought they were eventually made extinct (taking into consideration their species' evolution into modern Vampires), but they're the go-to scape-goat whenever people or animals go missing.